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Our Two Programmes

Our Two Programmes

We run two schemes to nurture aspiring illustrators at different stages in their creative journeys.

Buddy Scheme

Are you a passionate artist from a non-traditional illustration background? Perhaps you love drawing vibrant characters or telling a story through pictures but haven’t thought about doing an MA, or have honed your skills in a different industry altogether. Our buddy scheme pairs creative artists with established children’s picture book illustrators for six months to develop your style and explore the possibility of a career as a picture book illustrator. 

Mentoring Programme

Calling all emerging children’s book illustrators! Our mentoring programme will give your craft a final polish and help you launch your career as a fully-fledged children’s illustrator. Paired with an established illustrator over nine months, you will develop specific pieces of work, attend masterclasses and meet publishers, finishing with an exhibition to showcase your illustration work. If you are an illustrator with degree experience and/or a developed portfolio of existing work who wants to become industry ready, our mentoring programme is for you.