Aline Monda

Illustrator: class of 2023

Aline Monda is a Brazilian illustrator and pattern designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She brings the aesthetics of traditional techniques such as
collage, risography, and lino printing into her digital illustrations, creating visual narratives that are both charming and playful, and have a touch of nostalgia. Aline loves to use a limited colour palette and is inspired by nature, animals, and sustainable living.

Aline was mentored by Jill Calder

“Working with Jill has been an amazing experience, both on a personal and professional level. Despite being in different countries, Jill’s dedication to our mentorship has been unwavering. She consistently scheduled monthly meetings and always displayed genuine interest in my work, projects, and ideas. Throughout our collaboration, Jill offered invaluable feedback at every stage of the process, continuously challenging me to step beyond my comfort zone. It is clear to me how my illustrations have improved during this process, and I could not be more thankful for the mentorship Jill has provided.”