Anna Wilson

Illustrator: mentor in 2023

Anna Wilson is an Australian illustrator living in the beautiful stone city of Edinburgh. She loves working with colour and composition to create atmosphere in her illustrations and her favourite thing to do is sit in the streets of a city and draw what she sees. Clients include Bloomsbury, Hachette, Cameron Kids Books, Little Tiger, and the BBC.

Anna mentored Phoebe Roze

“Phoebe is such a gifted and disciplined artist – I admired her work well before I was asked to be her mentor. I thus felt my role was to encourage her in her own goals – which were to explore traditional materials to create worlds for her already beautiful and emotionally rich characters. Phoebe has such a gorgeous use of line in her work and a love of place that comes out so strongly in everything she makes. Her explorations with collage and a variety of other mediums over the last nine months have brought these things together in such a rich and original way. It was such an honour to work with Phoebe. She is a delightful person with exceptional taste and I cannot wait to see the books she goes on to make!”