Clare Andrews

Illustrator: class of 2023

Clare Andrews lives in Bristol, where she works decorating china, and as a bookseller. She has been a mural artist, set designer, and bouncy castle painter. She graduated from the Cambridge MA in children’s book illustration in 2021. She loves to create stories inspired by the humour and joy found in small everyday interactions.

Clare was mentored by Steve Antony

“Steve has been so generous with his time and having his support has helped me learn to ignore that nagging doubt in my head that often held me back. His enthusiasm has really helped me learn to feel more confident in my work, and to enjoy the process again. Working together on Mavis and the Lost Toys, a project I had already begun before the mentorship, I was able to really shape it into a much better book. Steve is a brilliant story teller and he has helped me learn how to use text and illustration in a more thoughtful way. This year has been really fun, and I feel so lucky to have taken part in this scheme.”