Lesley Barnes

Illustrator: class of 2013

Lesley Barnes lives in Glasgow and likes to tell colourful, magical stories with both her illustration and moving image work. Lesley has illustrated for many varied clients including Belle & Sebastian and The V&A Museum, and her award winning animations have shown on the BBC and C4, as well as film festivals worldwide. Her favourite instrument is the Gong and her favourite animal is the Cabybara. She also likes to wear red socks when she is feeling sad.

Lesley was mentored by Ross Collins during our 2012/13 mentoring scheme.

“I felt very lucky to have Ross as a mentor. He has a unique view of the world and hopefully some of his irreverence rubbed off on me! The story ‘Jill and Dragon’ was born from many meetings in the pub. He also changed the way I thought about my artwork – the importance of the characters, bringing warmth and movement into my illustrations and how little details can really bring the narrative to life.”