Maisie Shearring

Illustrator: class of 2015

Maisie Shearring was born in Hull. She studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a First Class Honours degree, in 2013. Maisie achieved an MA in Picturebook Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. From an early age she has loved reading and enjoys making her own narratives from which to illustrate. Maisie is influenced by the human condition and enjoys observing and creating from the everyday. She loves drawing and experimenting with varying textures, marks, pattern and colour.

Maise has had several book published since being part of the Picture Hooks mentoring scheme, her latest book published by Two Hoots is I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now.

Maisie was mentored by Nick Sharratt in 2015 and mentored Helen Kellock in 2019.