Naomi Howarth

Illustrator: class of 2013

Naomi Howarth is an Edinburgh-based illustrator. Naomi studied Costume for Performance at London College of Fashion. Her design background has heavily influenced her illustration, as well as her love for the decorative arts, vintage picture books and historic buildings. Her favourite thing about being an illustrator is imagining and creating eccentric and whimsical characters that inhabit vivid landscapes. Alongside her picture book work, Naomi produces home ware.

Naomi was mentored by Catherine Rayner during our 2012/13 mentoring scheme.

“Working with Catherine has been lots of fun! From our first meeting when she let me rifle through her sketchbooks, to her encouraging me to experiment with lithography, Catherine has been so generous with her time and extensive knowledge. My main objective was to develop characterisation; to make my characters warmer and more approachable. The feedback process has been insightful and constructive, and an invaluable opportunity for my work to develop with guidance and encouragement.”