Phoebe Roze

Illustrator: class of 2023

Phoebe Roze is an illustrator from the Scottish Highlands, currently based in Edinburgh. Since achieving a first class honours degree in Illustration, Phoebe has worked with many interesting organisations including The Folio Society, Dundee City Council, and Glasgow Children’s Hospital. Taking inspiration from the landscapes, nature and folklore of Scotland, a sense of place and playfulness are important elements within her work.

Phoebe was mentored by Anna Wilson

“Being mentored by Anna has been totally transformative for me – her enthusiasm and encouragement has
made me completely fall in love with drawing again and has filled me with confidence for the next steps

Anna encouraged me to get really stuck into the process, and we spent lots of time looking through my sketchbooks and finding exciting threads to explore. Focusing on my sketchbook practice with Anna has helped my drawing skills and material knowledge to develop in a playful way, whilst also enabling us to problem-solve technical issues which I felt were holding me back. In addition to all of this, Anna gave me so much useful advice and insight into publishing that I now feel much better prepared to enter the industry.

Ultimately, Anna has really encouraged me to embrace the stylistic quirks and subject matter which make my work mine, making me feel much more confident with my voice as an illustrator.”