How to get your art to a publisher – Tessa Strickland, Barefoot Books

Posted on June 5, 2017

First to speak was Tessa Strickland, one of the founders of Barefoot Books and a writer of children’s books. Speaking from both sides of the picture book industry, she gave us some insights into how to get your illustrations in front of a publisher.

This is where publishers are looking for illustrators…


… but be careful not to be overzealous when approaching them.


Think about how you are marketing your work to publishers. Develop a style, an identity – good personal branding makes the publisher’s life easier.


So what exactly are publishers looking for in illustration? Most important are the fundamentals…


… but there are also trends to tap into right now.


So you’ve finally got that book deal – what next?


Tessa has a final word of warning for illustrators. Don’t get complacent – keep hustling.


This is the first part of a series of recaps from Picture Hooks Conference 2017: Inside Publishing. Click here to read more tweets from the day and interviews with the conference speakers. 

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