Know Your Rights – AOI, Handsome Frank, Matthew the Horse, & Sonny Ross

Posted on June 5, 2017

Our final panel of the day featured Lou Bones from the Association of Illustrators, Amy Veried of Handsome Frank, and illustrators Matthew the Horse and Sonny Ross. We ended on conversations abour empowering yourself as an illustrator, protecting your rights when working with clients, and making sure that your work pays off (both artistically and financially).

How often have you been asked to work for exposure with no fee? Don’t. It undermines the industry, and your own value.


But how much should you charge? It depends on the size/reach of the project.


Remember, if you are not happy with the fee you have been offered, you can change it.


And if you can’t change the fee, change the project instead.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate! It is a normal part of the working relationship with a client.


Contracts should be tight and explicit. But about what?


Make sure you know what is expected of you. That will rule out nasty surprises and delays in the project later.


Remember to make work that you enjoy. If you take on a project you are not passionate about, you may be stuck with work you are not interested in forever.


Any last words from our panelists?


To sum up…


This is the first part of a series of recaps from Picture Hooks Conference 2017: Inside Publishing. Click here to read more tweets from the day and interviews with the conference speakers. 

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