Fruzsi Fölföldi illustrator

Fruzsi Fölföldi

Illustrator: class of 2021

Fruzsi is an award-winning freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She studied Graphic Design at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, M.Des Illustration at the Glasgow School of Art and Creative Writing at the Werk Academy. During her second master studies, she won The AOI World Illustration Awards in Design Illustration–New Talent Category. Her main focus is illustration, branding, package design, editorial design and she is a co-founder of the award-winning branding design studio, Classmate. She has a name that is difficult to pronounce, however it means Highlander in English. This probably explains why she is the happiest when she spends time in the Highlands.

Fruzsi was mentored by Katharine McEwen

“Being Katharine’s mentee has had a great effect on my attitude to illustration. After the many years I spent with vector and pixel graphics, I couldn’t see myself drawing and painting by hand, even if I wasn’t satisfied with my digital drawings. However, Katharine’s understanding and supportive approach drove me in an exciting new direction. She encouraged me to use my sketchbook, experiment with traditional techniques and gave me great advice to develop a new tale drawn by hand that I couldn’t imagine at the beginning of the mentorship. Not only did this experience give me new tools that I can use with confidence, but it also had a big impact on my digital drawings and helped me to get closer to my visual voice.”