Picture Hooks 2018/19 Shortlistees

Posted on December 7, 2018

We’ll soon be announcing our fantastic mentors for the next round of our mentoring scheme, and you’ve already met our newest mentees.

As we’ve mentioned, it was an incredibly strong year in terms of our applications and we are keen to let you know about the folk who were shortlisted during the process.

So, here’s a wee spotlight on our Picture Hooks ones-to-watch who we look forward to following:

Baljinder Kaur

Instagram: @blahjinder

Boris Lee

Instagram: @borischlee

Camille Whitcher

Twitter: @CamilleWhitcher

Instagram: @milly_of_bunston

Kate Patterson

Twitter: @_katepatterson

Instagram: @patterson.kate

Kate Read

Twitter: @katereadillust1

Instagram: @kateeread28

Laura Sayers

Twitter: @LauraKSayers

Instagram: @lauraksayers

Lucy Morris

Instagram: @lucyjvm

Madeline Pinkerton

Instagram: @madelinepinkerton

Natsko Seki

Instagram: @natsko_seki

Rosie Faragher

Instagram: @RosieFaragher

Sandy Horsley

Twitter: @sandyhorsley13

Instagram: @sandyhorsley

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